Balsa Wood Fruit Flings
Balsa Wood Fruity Fling
Balsa Wood Fruity Fling
Balsa Wood Fruity Fling
Balsa Wood Fruity Fling

Balsa Wood Fruity Fling

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Give your small animal an enriching, safe and tasty chew toy with a fruity twist!

These unique handmade toys use soft balsa wood flavoured with 100% fruit and fruit juices free of any artificial flavouring, colouring or added sugar. Sisal rope is used to tie multiple balsa shapes in to a tossable, chewable fling. The colouring may vary depending on the type of fruit & fruit juice used.

Balsa wood is a softer hardwood which is safe for rabbits and other small animals to chew. The balsa wood in these toys comes from a US supplier who imports it directly from Ecuador where it is grown. Balsa is only treated with heat before entering the US.

Comes in three different flavour combinations.

Fruity Fling Flavours include (in order): Banana (triangle), Apple (cube), Blueberry (rectangle), Apple (cube), and Grape (3 piece rectangle or triangle).

Berry Fling 
Flavours include (in order): Raspberry (triangle), Apple (cube), Strawberry (rectangle), Apple (cube), and Banana (triangle).

Tropical Fling Flavours include (in order)
: Mango (triangle), Apple (cube), Banana (triangle), Apple (cube), and Pineapple (triangle).

Approximately 12" in length and 2" in width.

New toys should always be given under close supervision.

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