Shipping Policy

Within Calgary (Alberta, Canada):

  • Orders $20 and over: FREE!
  • Orders under $20: $5

Within Airdrie or Cochrane (Alberta, Canada):

  • Orders $75 and over: FREE!
  • Orders under $75: $5

All other locations:

  • Currently, we ship via Canada Post Expedited Parcel at a discounted rate.
  • A shipping quote will be emailed to you, normally within 24 hours of when your order is placed.
  • Once you let us know that the amount is okay, we will invoice you for the shipping.
  • We DO NOT store your credit card information, so the invoice will need to be paid via the "Complete your order" link in the email.
  • Once paid, we will put your package in the mail and provide a tracking number.
  • If you feel you would like to cancel due to the cost, we will refund any prepaid purchase in full.
  • Should you prefer, you can email your order to us and we will email a quote to you.


Why don't we do automated online shipping quotes?

Well, shipping is a complicated business when you try to automate it! For now, we custom pack all of our orders to get the best fit. That saves you money because you aren't shipping air. A lot of our products are light, so the size of the box, as opposed to the weight, determines the rate. If we were to use standard box sizes we couldn't offer as good of a price. We hope you understand.