Welcome to Hop Online!

We offer great bunny and other small animal finds for you and your furry friend.

New additions to our Sherwood product offerings are now live! We have added Guinea Pig and Chinchilla foods and the Digestive, Urinary and Vitamin C supplements.

Our new Farm Fresh products are here! Check out the Grass Ball, Grass Spring and Grass Stick. All are grown and handmade by a small family farm in the USA. No herbicides or pesticides here, just delicious, natural grassy goodness!

Believe it or not, the MIA Oxbow Organic Barley Biscuits are back along with Organic Rabbit pellets which have been renamed Oxbow Organic Bounty! We have a limited supply, but Oxbow tells us that they should be back in production and able to keep things going. There may be short outages as everyone restocks.

Cottontail Cottages and Hopper Hideaways along with Binky Bunny items are back in stock!

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