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We offer great bunny, guinea pig and other small animal finds for you and your furry friend. We're located in beautiful Calgary, Alberta, Canada, providing free delivery to city residents (orders over $20) and shipping across the country, from sea to sea to sea.


  • (31-July-2018) Our first batch of the Supreme Selective Naturals treats went like wildfire, with great feedback from customers. They were very popular at Bunanza. They will be back in stock today.
  • (23-July-2018) We apologize for the low stock levels on a bunch of items. Bunanza took a bit of a bite out of our supplies, plus we had a couple of poorly timed delays in shipping. We're trying to get our levels back up just as soon as possible!
  • (21-July-2018) NEW Bitty Bales - a local hay option in an adorable mini bale!
  • (11-July-2018) A limited supply of Sherwood Joint Support supplements have been added to the store. We should have additional stock in about a week.
  • (11-July-2018) NEW treats from Supreme Pet Foods added! Check out the Forest Sticks (with Blackberry and Chamomile), Garden Sticks (with Pea and Mint), Meadow Loops (with Timothy and Thyme) and Woodland Loops (with Dandelion and Rosehips).
  • (29-June-2018) Havens and other items from Binky Bunny are back in stock! Check out the NEW items we've added: Vine Heart Fling, Vine Star Hanger, Seagrass Bowl and a Willow Hay Rack.
  • (25-June-2018) Blue-Eyed Bunny is back in stock!
  • (22-June-2018) Tummy Troubles? We've added Bene-Bac Plus Small Animal Powder to the store!
  • (13-June-2018) Oxbow Organic Meadow Hay is now available in a 40 oz size!
  • (5-June-2018) NutriNoms are back in stock!
  • (1-June-2018) Shipping Changes: New shipping options are now available for our customers across the country. We have finally found a couple of brokers who offer a good discount to small businesses. We now check Canada Post, Canpar, Purolator, UPS and FedEx for all shipping orders. Your quote will reflect the best price we could find. You can find our shipping policy here.
  • (14-May-2018) Our NEW fruit juice enhanced balsa wood toys from Fun4Bunnies are here!
  • (12-May-2018) Cottontail Cottage and Hopper Hideaway are back in stock.
  • Oxbow has relaunched a papaya based digestive aid. Oxbow Natural Science Papaya Support is now available! Unlike the other supplements in the Natural Science line, this product is more like a thin tablet than a biscuit. Another tasty option to aid in supporting the digestive health of your small critter.
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