Products - Oxbow Enriched Life

Oxbow's new Enriched Life line of products is now in stock (well, mostly - if an item says it is "out-of-stock", we may just be waiting on delivery)!

The Enriched Life accessory line is innovatively designed to nurture four instinctual activities of small pets, playing, chewing, exploring and hiding.

PLAYING: Small pets are social and playful by nature. Providing safe and enriching play items helps build the bond between pet and pet parent. Enriched Life accessories come in a wide variety of options to support your pet's play instinct.

CHEWING: Regular chewing is instinctual and benefits both mind and body. Enriched Life accessories are made with a variety of beneficial, safe-to-chew materials, including hay, apple sticks, sisal, and chemical-free woods and papers. All dyes used to colour the toys are vegetable based.

EXPLORING: Small pets are naturally inquisitive and will want to explore their surroundings when they feel safe. By providing enriching play items that encourage the use of multiple natural behaviours, Enriched Life supports your small pet's curiosity.

HIDING: Small pets are prey species with natural instincts to hide to avoid stress and danger. Even in captivity, small pets require places to hide for rest and relaxation. Enriched Life habitats feature convenient, built in hiding spaces for your pet.