SPS Orchard Medley (limited edition) 12 oz
SPS Orchard Medley (limited edition) 12 oz
Small Pet Select

SPS Orchard Medley (limited edition) 12 oz

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"There's RED CLOVER in my hay! This is AWESOME! Thanks, human!" OK, you may not actually hear this, but that is indeed what your furry friend will be thinking. This is a terrific hay for encouraging small animals to eat more fiber, or just as a "treat" hay. Use it alone, or mix it up with some timothy. And listen closely... maybe you'll hear the excitement.

This hay comes to Small Pet Select from one of their all time favourite farmers, but from a small field. They hopped all over the chance to get it for you all, but unfortunately there isn't a lot of it. Sorry about that. It's the nature of, well, nature. Sometimes the sun and the rain and everything comes together perfectly, and when it does, they make these special hays available.

80 - 85% Orchard + A Mix Of Alfalfa and Red Clover

Orchard hay makes a great change-up to add interest and variety to your friend's diet. Just think about how many different grasses and plants they eat "in nature". This is a terrific "lure" hay to get your furry friend interested in eating more fiber... and as we all know, the little ones need FIBER FIBER FIBER. Add red clover and you've got an irresistible blend!

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